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CHEMICAL INDUSTRY Since the beginning of Grupo Vento, the group of industries that are part of the chemical sector has been a source of ideas and an engine of actions to solve the complex needs that derive from it.

Grupo Vento offers to the Chemical Industry supply of equipment such as reactors, mixers, evaporators, extractors (rotary, fixed bed, etc.), gas scrubbing and neutralization, condensers, dryers, heat exchangers, distillation columns, tanks and son on.

Likewise, we have expertise in carrying out projects for the dehydration of industrial oil, for the recovery of industrial solvents by distillation, for the extraction of high added value components (oleoresins, natural colorants, natural extracts, active principles, lipids, etc.) among other applications.


Continuous steam distillation and essence condensation.

This system allows the essential oil extraction from plants by steam distillation.

All the set of elements make a flexible, versatile and easy to use installation capable to use different feedstock, providing a modern solution to a traditional system for obtaining essential oils.

Minimum consumption and maximum purity of the essence obtained.

Extracts concentrator
The evaporator is a producer of evaporated water with excellent characteristics to be reused in the process.

The Evaporation Unit for AQUEOUS EXTRACTS – HYDROALCOHOLIC EXTRACTS CONCENTRATION is basically composed of a simple effect evaporation system with external tubular to facilitate the cleaning of the tubes in case of possible fouling.

The evaporated water is collected in the liquid phase in a surface multitubular condenser, which is fitted with a collection tank of condensates.

This evaporation unit allows high concentration degrees in the product, although this concentration relationship will be established depending on the type of product to be treated, since it depends to a large extent on the salts present in it.

Chemical reactors
Its design in variable operating conditions allows, under a computer program, to control the reactions of the manufacturing process.

Chemical reactors built by GRUPO VENTO are made under European regulations and respond to the most demanding quality standards.

These equipments incorporate the control elements that allow the automation of the operation and guarantee, together with the security elements, the correct operation of the same.

They are built in volumes from 500 L to 50,000 L capacity, under ATEX regulations, CE marking and working under pressure if the process requires it with detection of variable levels, for filling, working and automatic stopping of agitation in case the agitator support area is left without level (point centering).

Its variable agitation design allows, under a computer program, to control the reactions of the chemical manufacturing process.

Recovery of dirty solvents
The control of the process is carried out by means of PID regulators. ATEX certified.

The equipment is basically made up of two units: a continuous distiller and a condenser for the solvent vapors produced in the first. Once the equipment has been emptied, it can be refilled by closing the discharge valve and starting the distillation cycle again.