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We have expertise in the application of our technologies in the biodiesel production sector.

We offer from the supply of specific equipment to feasibility studies, projects and R+D+i activities for new industrial processes.

Obtaining biodiesel with maximum process automation.

By means of this dehydration system by flash evaporation, under vacuum, it is possible to obtain a biodiesel with less than 300 ppm of water.

These units have the possibility of working with steam or thermal oil as a heating fluid depending on the availability of general factory services.

Manufactured under the European standard certification, CE. Complying with all the requirements of the ATEX safety regulations and EN14214 (European standard requirements for biodiesel production).

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Air washing
ATEX compliant


A methanol-enriched aqueous solution is obtained for its recovery as well as clean gases for emission into the atmosphere.

With this system, it is possible to control the depletion degree of the absorbent solution due to the difference in level, as well as its emptying and replacement. Obtaining a water solution enriched with methanol that is sent to the methanol recovery unit. Clean air, free of methanol, can be disposed directly to the atmosphere.

Complies with ATEX regulations.

Methanol recovery
Recovery of alcohol with low energy consumption. Maximum depletion in wastewater. Total automation and maximum safety in operation.


Specially designed for processes where methanol has a graduation higher than 85%. High quality of the recovered alcohol (approx. 99.8%).


Fully automated to guarantee high quality in the recovered alcohol. This facilitates handling by low-skilled personnel. Modular construction, self-transporting and easy to locate in the factory.


Formed by one or two distillation columns (depending on height availability in location), installed on a self-supporting structure or in a factory building. Our experience in this field of more than 70 years, allows us to guarantee maximum thermal performance, high quality in the recovered alcohol and a maximum depletion of wastewater (less than 0.1 GL of alcohol). The facility is provided with full automation.

Recovery of alcohol with low energy consumption. Maximum depletion in wastewater. Total automation and maximum safety in operation.

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Fame distillation
ATEX compliant.

Over 99,5% quality is achieved from an impure mixture of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) coming from the biodiesel fabrication process-

Continuous distillation plant, consisting of a deaeration column, a distillation column and a finisher provided with foam breaker.

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ATEX compliant.

Its variable agitation design allows, under a computer program, to control the chemical reactions of the biodiesel manufacturing process.

Our reactors are made under European regulations and meet the highest quality standards. This equipment incorporates transducers that allow the automation of the operation and guarantee together with the security elements, the correct operation of the system.